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Privacy Policy

This declaration shall contain the privacy policy of Sevener Rent a Car. By visiting the webpage, you declare and acknowledge that you have read the whole Privacy Policy, full understood its content; that you unconditionally accept all matters including but not limited to those listed below, that you will not assert any objections and exeptions about those matters. Sevener Rent a Car shall not be responsible for the damages originating from the use of the website.

Sevener Rent a Car shall demand some personal information during and following the subscription process. It is Sevener Rent a Car’s priority to protect your personal information and sustain your privacy. Therefore, the information which is given by you will not bu used within any scope other than the terms of use which are specified in this privacy policy and at this website and the rules purposes which are specified in the subscription agreement and will not be shared with third persons.

For the determination of the problems in relation to the system and quickest elimination of such problems, Sevener Rent a Car determines the IP addresses of the users and use them when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify the users in general terms and collect comprehensive demographic information.

Sevener Rent a Car might demand additional information for the purpose of confirming the identify of the users.

Sevener Rent a Car might monitor, record all kinds of activities of the User at the website for security purposes.

In the registration forms, surveys etc., you are asked to give your contact details (your name, surname, email address etc.). It might also be necessary to give your credit card details at the phase of payment. The abovementioned personal information is used to execute your rental process, submit our products and services, make your payments, send your invoices and inform you about your rental processes, contact you about the products and services for marketing purposes, update your information, manage and sustain your membership, recommend any products and services that you might be interested in.

Personal information might be shared with third persons for the purpose of abiding the brought by the laws or in case it is demanded for any investigation or inquiry which is carried out by any competent judiciary or administrative authority or for the purpose of the protecting the rights and security of the users.

Sevener Rent a Car might collect the identity, contact information, IP and website usage details in a database for all legal purposes including but not limited to the purpose of user profile and market research, creating sales and website usage statistics and use such information without any restriction. Sevener Rent a Car shall be entitled to share any user related details with insurance companies, banks as well as any other third persons/organizations whenever it deems necessary.

Sevener Rent a Car does not hold any responsibility about the use of personal information which is explained by the users to the other users or third persons or their explanation to the third persons.

The website makes use of cookies which operate in the hard disk of the user for the purposes of improving services at the website, analyzing the effectiveness of the promotions and the advertisements.

The financial details collected are used to invoice you at the end of your rentals. When you make a rental at our website, you accept your financial information to be given to third persons (banks, credit card companies etc.) to make your transaction. The information to be shared shall contain all necessary financial information including but not limited to credit card number, expiry date, CVV2. All of your credit card and personal information are encrypted with the internet security standard, SSL Secure system. Thus, unauthorized persons or organizations are prevented to seize your information during their web browsing.

Sevener Rent a Car shall be entitled to change, renew or cancel any items of the “Privacy Policy” without sending any notice. Each provision changed, renewed or annulled will insure for all users at the date of publication. Therefore, the “Privacy Policy” page should be regularly followed.

For all kinds of questions and recommendations about our privacy policy, you can send us an email from the contact section at our website.  

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