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Terms and Conditions

- The said car is the absolute property of SEVENER RENT A CAR & RESTAURANT LTD. (self drive) and the hirer is bound to return it to the Company at the place of delivery in the same good condition as it was when hired to him/her and agrees to use the car within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

- The hirer is responsible for takin due car of the said car and in particular shall keep topped up the engine and radiator. If the aforesaid car is damaged the Hirer will be fully responsible for such damage and shall have breached this agreement. The Hirer will be fully responsible for all damage caused for any reason whatsoever to said car during the time before which the said car shall be returned to the company.

- The Hirer agrees that s/he will not permit any other person or persons to drive the said car, without the prior consent of the company and such consent being so signified here under on this agreement

- In the event of damage being caused to the car circumstances in respect of which clause 3 does not apply, the Hirer will pay for the actual damage to said car. If the hirer is over 25 years old and has a clean license and two years driving experience s/he will have to pay the first £300.00. The Hirer will forfeit his/her deposit and also pay the towing charges. £300.00 can be waived by the Company if Hirer accepts Collision Damage Waiver at time of rental at £3.00 per day

- In the event of the said car not being returned by the correct time on the agreed date the Hirer will pay £5.00 or 15€ for every hour of delay or part hereof SEVENER RENT A CAR & RESTAURANT LTD. will at their discretion collect the car from 7.00am on day of collection.

- Vehicle Damage : Tire and wheel damage, punctures, lost wheel trims, missing fuel caps, broken aerials, loss of any parts, tools, radio, lenses, screens, micros, interior damage is not covered by CDW or any insurance. The Hirer is liable for the total cost of repair of replacement.

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